• Beyond the Classroom SeriesThursday  07  May 2020Beyond the Classroom series is part of the wider Physical Literacy initiative run by the PDST PE team.
  • Explained: What is Zoom?Wednesday  06  May 2020Zoom is a video conferencing platform that can be used through a computer desktop or mobile app, and allows users to connect online for video conference meetings, webinars and live chat.
  • Irish Newspaper Archive - Home Access for TeachersWednesday  06  May 2020Scoilnet is proud to announce home access for teachers. In order to get access, teachers will need to be signed-in with their Scoilnet Account.
  • Covid19: Online Safety Advice for ParentsWednesday  06  May 2020These uncertain times have led to an understandable disruption to family life, with parents and children spending more time than usual at home...
  • Distance learning safety advice and considerationsMonday  04  May 2020With learning and education continuing online, here is a reminder of some key considerations – now more important than ever – that schools should factor into their plans to ensure a safe learning experience for students and teachers.
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