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Digital Tools for Schools
newsletter-feb20special-scoilnet-digitaltoolsWhen you need fast, reliable information for homework, reports, or just a lingering question, Scoilnet has you covered. Scoilnet has licensed a number of digital tools for schools to use for free.

Choose from World Book Online, Irish Newspaper Archive, Irish Times, Dictionary of Irish Biography, JSTOR, and Scoilnet Maps.

Themepages with a Focus
Scoilnet would like to thank Webwise for recently sharing a fantastic collection of SPHE resources and videos. These resources are highly recommended resources that will assist both pnewsletter-feb20special-scoilnet-themepagerimary and post-primary schools in marking Safer Internet Day.

Primary teachers might also like these theme pages for St. Valentine’s Day, Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and Lent.

Subject Specific Pages
The Scoilnet portal hanewsletter-feb20special-scoilnet-subjectspecifics new dedicated areas highlighting trending subject-specific Post-Primary resources and teacher-created collections. Browse the areas by subject by choosing from:newsletter

English  |  Irish  |  Maths  |  History  |  Geography  |  Politics & Society  |  Computer Science.

scoilnet-physicsPhysics - new simulations
Scoilnet has recently launched seven NEW and FREE interactive simulations for Leaving Certificate Physics students. These simulations are available in Irish and English.

Due to popular demand, the resource entitled PDST Learning Outcomes Checklist is now available through Irish. The short questions  have also been updated to include the 2019 exam questions.

Teachers who share...
English teacher, Dara Hogan, has created and uploaded resources to support the novel "The Dare" by John Boyne.Scoilnet-June2019-01
Resources include worksheets, writing frames, extension activities and quizzes.

Press Pass IrelandScoilnet-June2019-02
Press Pass is designed specifically to enable students and teachers alike to learn all about newspapers and the writing, analysis, preparation and photography that’s involved in putting one together.

Whilst Press Pass is aimed at TY students, some schools run the programme for all strands of secondary education from 1st year right up to Leaving Cert.

Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science
A new specification for Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science will be implemented from September 2019. The PDST Ag Science Team are in the process of rolling out CPD for the new specification. The slides and resources from the first national seminar are available here.PDST-agsci

Teachers, Marcella Colum and Helen Van Eesbeck, are actively sharing new resources to the Agricultural Science area on Scoilnet. Visit the link above.

Tools for Teachers
Scoilnet has a wealth of resources for teachers to access.  In the Tools for Teachers section we gather together some of the tools available.
Tools for Teachers
Feel free to create more stimulating lessons with these interactive and engaging tools!

Learning Paths
Scoilnet Learning Paths have been very popular with teachers since their launch.  A Learning Path is a feature on Scoilnet that enables teachers to select and organise resources from the Scoilnet site into a sequence or collection and share it with their peers or pupils.
Learning Paths
Have you created a Learning Path yet?  Would you like to see some created by fellow teachers? Be sure to visit today!

WaScoilnet Threadstch a video of Attymass National School in Mayo using Threads as part of their engagement with oral history in the classroom.

Threads is an initiative that provides an online space for schools to store and share their student’s oral history projects.

German Oral Materials
Scoscoilnetnov16.194926ilnet have gathered a selection of resources to help students prepare for the German Orals. Included in the General Conversation resources are examples of questions, examples of answers, checklists, flashcards and peer assessment sheets.  These will encourage and support students with their German conversational skills.

The resources now include sound files

UCD Maths Support Centre
UCD Maths Support Centre in conjunction with the UCD Access Support Centre have created online tutorials for Leaving Certificate Mathematics students. The videos and accomscoilnetDec18a.205256panying PDFs were designed for both the Higher and Ordinary Level Mathematics course.

The Algebra collection is now available on Scoilnet. A great way for students to begin their Algebra journey.

Resource of the Week ArchivearchiveMar15.133957
2018 is not over yet, but it's been an exciting year so far. Look back over the Resource of the Week archive to see how it has grown and evolved tremendously throughout this year.

Physical Literacy Resourcesphysical-literacy-resources
Scoilnet now have a section dedicated to physical literacy. Find out about the "Move Well, Move Often" resources for developing the physical literate child through the lens of Fundamental Movement Skills. Visit the link below for activities, tips, plans and resources.

INFOMAR and Geographical SkillsINFOMAR and Geographical Skills
INFOMAR is Irelands national marine mapping programme and they have now made their resources available to Scoilnet. Subject editors have developed curriculum-focused activities around these resources.

Captivate your post-primary geography students with these INFOMAR resources and supporting teacher created activities!

Bia - New Resources Added
Scoilnet has a great range of resources in Gaeilge for the topic of Bia, including worksheets, presentations and video links.scoilnetMay18a.120422

Resources cover all types of food, as well "Bricfeasta", "Bosca Lóin", "Glasraí" and "Bia Sláintiúil".

Irish Newspaper Archive
Schools in Ireland now have access to the Irish Newspaper Archive through the Schools Broadband Network.scoilnetMay18b.120552

The archive gives teachers and students unrivalled access to primary source documents through national and local newspapers covering hundreds of years of Irish history. Over 60 newspapers are included in the archive with some dating back as far as 1738.

Béaltriail - Irish Oral Collection of Resources
scoilnet_oral_exams1A great collection of videos and resources to guide teachers and students in preparing for the Oral Irish/ Béaltriail:

1. General Advice regarding the Oral Irish Exam
2. Sample Oral Irish Conversations
3. Reading Poetry
4. The 2018 Picture Series

Four Ways to Explore Politics & Society
Politics & Society is a new optional subject for the Leaving Certificate which was introduced on a phased basis in 2016.

Begin the Exploring Herescoilnet_politics1
1. Watch a Video Introduction to the Subject.
2. Meet the Key Thinkers.
3. Connect with Other Politics & Society Teachers.
4.  View Additional Sources of Information.

Scoilnet HomeTools for Teachers - making access easier
Following feedback from users, Scoilnet has enhanced the Tools for Teachers page to include access points to the many Scoilnet services and licenced content that the site offers, e.g. Irish Newspaper Archive, Dictionary of Irish Biography, TeacherCPD Online Courses, World Book Online, CensusAtSchool and many more.

Why not explore the page today?

Formative Assessment Using Digital Tools

Explore Scoilnet's top digital tools for formative assessment and watch the PDST Technology in Education Good Practice Videos to see the tools in action. Digital Tools for Assessment provide students and teachers with an exciting opportunity to;Scoilnet_Formative_Assessment

  • Manage their evidence of learning online
  • Provide real-time feedback to students & teachers
  • Engage students in their learning journey through a gamified approach to formative assessment
  • Allows assessment for learning to happen anytime and anywhere.

English: Oral Languagescoilnet_english_oral

If you visit Scoilnet, why not explore the resources to support the teaching of Oral Language in the English lesson?

They include speaking and discussion prompts, team games, assessment and vocabulary lists.

Science Hooks

Science have teamed up with NUI Galway to provide Science lessons in both English and Irish to support the teaching of Science in the classroom.

Follow the link above and find the easy to follow lessons with supporting videos.

Put a Positive Spin on Fidget Spinners

Fidget SpinnersFidget spinners have taken the nation by surprise. The challenge for teachers is how to put an educational spin on fidget spinners.

Why not try catching your pupil's attention with Scoilnet's popular resources on fidget spinners for English (pdf), Gaeilge, Science (pdf) and Maths lessons?

World Book Online through Scoilnet
Scoilnet WorldBookIreland now has unlimited access to World Book Online through Scoilnet! When you need fast, reliable information for homework, reports, or just a lingering question, World Book Online is the place to go. From pre-primary to secondary and beyond, World Book has databases for every learner at every level for an immersive learning experience.

New Scoilnet Browse Function
stbrigedsdayScoilnet recently released a ‘browse’ feature. The facility enables users to access resources in a guided curriculum-driven manner and will complement the existing faceted search.

Its introduction comes following sought feedback from users and from an analysis of search analytics and patterns over the past two years. Earlier this year Scoilnet introduced a ‘refine by contributor’ facility to enable users narrow results according to the contributor. behind.

Learning Paths - Create, Share and Engage!
Scoilnet Learning PathsWant to create your own Learning Paths? Here's how:

Create a quick and easy collection of resources. Gather them while browsing or searching for something specific on Scoilnet. Arrange them by number, theme, topic or whatever suits you.

New Healthy Eating Guidelines Learning Path
Healthy_Eating_Guidelines_Learning_Path Resources aim to share the awareness of the new Healthy Eating Guidelines and Food Pyramid launched recntly by Minister of State for Health Promotion.

Art and Architecture of Ireland
aWorld is pleased to announce that the five volume publication Art and Architecture of Ireland is freely available to all schools on the Schools Broadband Network through

Art and Architecture of Ireland is an authoritative, fully illustrated account of art and architecture in Ireland from the early middle ages to the end of the twentieth-century.

Politics and Society
Politics and Society teachers have been sharing resources and participating in discussions using the new online forum.
Politics & Society Class Presentations - 90 PowerPoint slides with an introduction to assessment, details of the course, homework assignments, philosophy of John Locke and power & decision making in schools.
Sample Scheme of Work -  SOW for the months of September - December (five class periods per week).

Opportunity for a French teacher
A school in France (Lycée du Dupuy de Lome) was in touch with seeking to collaborate with a teacher in Ireland. Possibility of two to three week stay in France. The programme is funded under the following programme. Contact [Martime Le Guilloul]

New to Scoilnet Resources

scoilnet_1916winnersOver the summer, teachers have been busy sharing resources in the following areas:

Junior Certificate Geography Revision Tests
DCG Principles and Coursework
Ultimate Frisbee Scheme of Work with Resources
Websites for Career Guidance

Big push on French resources
scoilnet_trophyXSmallThe Scoilnet Subject Editor for French has added many new resources last month - here are three:

Activités quotidiennes - 20 common activity phrases with audio.
Assessment Grid for Topical Essays - Word doc.
Comment l’Europe lutte contre les naufrages de réfugiés en Méditerranée?  - Explanatory video.

Oral resources on Scoilnet has a great collection with resources tips on approaching the oral, mind map suggestions and links to help with speaking French. Further details here.

If you are looking for Irish language resources search for 'Sraith' and refine by 'most recent' - you will find lots of options there.

Interventions for Students with Autism

To coincide with World Autism Day 2016, which took place recently, SESS has developed a video (20 mins) to demonstrate a number of evidence-informed instructional interventions that teachers working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Ireland may draw upon to promote and facilitate development and learning.

More >>

Huge response to Proclamation for a New Generation

Scoilnet Proclamation 1Almost 1,000 schools uploaded their Proclamation for a New Generation to Scoilnet before Easter. In years to come this will be a wonderful record to show the values and aspirations of students in 2016. Submissions were made in Irish, English and one even contained Arabic script. Did your school upload your proclamation? The upload facility will be kept in place for another month. You may search by using your school roll number.

The Proclamation declared Ireland a Republic and laid down the vision for the country and its people going forward.

One hundred years later, how has this vision evolved? Are the wishes of the founders of the state still as relevant today as they were in 1916? Do any of the visions need to be updated to take account of new and modern ways.

Also, Scoilnet has a link to an excellent Democracy and General Election resource that is well worth downloading and using for a CSPE class.

On the subject of 1916, links to talks from Prof Michael Laffan (UCD) were added to Scoilnet - worth a view.

More >>

Women of 1916 - shared resources from a teacher
Women of 1916Our thanks to teacher Niamh Murray for sharing three of her own resources relating to the role of women in 1916.

The Women of 1916 - brief profiles and images
Biography of Countess Markievicz - 17pp PowerPoint
Women and the 1916 Rising - 18pp PowerPoint

1916 Ancestry Project


1916 Ancestry ProjectThe Proclamation for a New Generation proved to be a huge success with almost 1,000 different schools uploading their proclamations on Scoilnet. The Ancestry Project invites students to trace their family tree back to 1916 and upload their work to Scoilnet. There is no limit to the number of projects that teachers can upload.. The projects can be uploaded to a special searchable area of Scoilnet.

More >>

Ordnance Survey relief map symbols

os_relief_mapsOSi have introduced some minor changes to the legend of their Discovery Mapping series. In 2016, the State Examinations Commission will use Discovery Series OS maps with the newly designed legend and redesigned symbols in examination papers.

More >>

Climate change resources and others recently shared

Qu'est-ce que le changement climatique? Useful resource to introduce students to the vocabulary around climate change.
Habitudes alimentaires des Français pour Noël
Mini-livre de Noël

The Irish Flag website

Scoilnet has developed a mini-site exploring the historical evolution of the flag and its adoption by the Irish state. The content on the site is presented through a series of 'stories' and by a 'timeline'.

More >>

History Support Material - reminder!

Just to remind teachers that a special collection of resources has been pulled from the old website – built to support the new curriculum for Senior Cycle History. The resources are centred around: Teaching History; Research Study; Documents-Based Study.

More >>

Search or Share!

Scoilnet’s 11,000+ resources are handpicked by teachers for their relevance to the curriculum. Join fellow teachers by adding your resources – it could be a webpage you find online or a resource you create yourself. All you need is your Scoilnet Account. Included are resources, developed with SCRATCH, which are great for Maths assessment.

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