Short online courses on Digital Portfolios

PDST Technology in Education has developed two short courses on Digital Portfolios - one each for Primary and Post Primary teachers. Taking just 1.5 hours of study time, the courses provide an introduction to and overview of digital portfolios and how they can be used in the classroom:

Introducing Digital Portfolios (Primary)

Introducing Digital Portfolios (Post Primary)

For more: please first read the course description - links above. If suitable for you, courses open for enrolment and access via our online learning platform for a second time in the new year. Just login first with your Scoilnet account username and password, then locate the link to enrol and follow the onscreen instructions to enrol. Enrolment commences at/from 9am on January 13th. Unlimited places.

This course is unmoderated (no e-tutor) and you can complete the course at any time of your own choosing before it closes.